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In 2005, because of popular request and demand, I added a new component to Hope’s Chest and that was a line of new and edgy jewelry. I seek out local artists and buy their work. Or I commission inexpensive, but interesting pieces from the Middle East or Asia. These have proven very popular with friends and clients since I try to follow fashion trends and offer unique pieces at very affordable prices. There is also a second aspect to Hope’s Chest that is as important as the product and that is the setting. To sell the jewelry in a store, via mail or on the internet would negate the feeling that I am trying to create, the feeling of a quieter, calmer time, a time when women sat around with a cup of tea and visited. To promote that personal feeling, my product is only available with my interaction with you. I will bring “Hope’s Chest” to you, to a private party with a group of friends, fashion shows, or just you and me. At these private events, you may elect to receive a portion of the proceeds in jewelry or designate a charity of your choice to be the beneficiary. You are also always welcome to come to my house and take a peak at the chest. I have enjoyed shopping for these pieces and have literally something for everyone. Prices vary, some items are only a few dollars and some more expensive, but nothing is overpriced. Most pieces are one of a kind.
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