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CRP Wine Trade Solutions is a full service Wine Business agency assisting small to medium sized wineries and importers develop strategies and recruit talent that enhance sales and marketing channels such as Direct to Trade, Direct to Consumer, Brand Messaging, 3 Tier Sales optimization, Social Media, eCommerce, Winemaking and Telesales.

Driving Profitability and Sales is a game of inches and never happens by accident! Are your dashboards relevant and reviewed daily?

It is essential to understand each brand's unique DNA and crafting a message, that motivates the gatekeepers and eventually the consumer. CRP Wine Trade Solutions coaches teams in the delivery of that message. When teams are on message these plans become the road-map to increased sales and profitability.

By enabling our fiercely independent, high-end producers to develop better financial, marketing, and sales plans, I will use my 30 years experience in supply side strategies to provide techniques that will increase trade mind-share and successfully navigate the pitfalls of a saturated and consolidated marketplace. Cogent and granular business plans with periodic follow up are crucial to succeeding in today’s hyper-competitive wine market. My intention is to become your trusted adviser no matter the size or scope of your challenges.

Call Christopher R Pappe for a consultation at (707) 396-1491 or email crpappe@gmail.com

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